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Engineering & Construction Solutions at Altitude

About Skyhook Helicopters

We are Scotland's premier Helicopter Service provider, specialising in Aerial Lifting, Aerial Surveys and Aerial Agricultural Spraying.

Our business is all about logistics with a difference, we can deliver anywhere: the service we provide is literally a hook that hangs from the sky!

  • We can deliver to anywhere.
  • Load capability approximately 1200kgs
  • Modern fadec controlled aircraft
  • Highly experienced pilots.


Skyhook operates Airbus AS350 B3+ series aircraft for lifting and the Robinson R44 series for Spraying.

We have been accredited under the BSI Kite Mark Scheme conforming to the ISO 9001 and the UVDB (Achilles) Health and Safety Scheme and have CAA Part SPO approval. We supply all certified lifting equipment and ground crew complete with FM air to ground radios. Our Pilots are all highly experienced in load lifting and long line operations supported by well trained ground crew with modern fully certified lifting equipment.

The R44